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Tagung der Forschungsinitiative: "Relations of Difference - Dynamics of Conflicts in Global Perspective", 1.-3. Juli 2009

Das Forschungskolleg beteiligt sich an der Forschungsinitiave mit einem Themenbereich zur NS-Geschichte und hat auf dem internationalen Kongress Anfang Juli 2009 ein Panel zur In- und Exklusion beigetragen.


Panel "Strategies of Inclusion and Exclusion"

„Inklusions- und Exklusionsstrategien“: 1. Juli 2009, 16:00-18:30

This panels deals with the concept of „Volksgemeinschaft“ (better translated as “racial community” than as “people´s community” or “folk community”) that is composed of the two terms “Volk” (people) and “Gemeinschaft” (community), both of them having had a very positive connotation in Germany in the beginning of the 20th century. Subsequently, “Volksgemeinschaft” developed into one of the most stressed yet undefined political keywords of the Weimar Republic.

Among those interpreting it were Hitler and his followers who had widely used it to shape and focus their propaganda up to 1933. After they took over the government that year, they chose “Volksgemeinschaft” as the central keyword of their ideology and practice of rule. This allowed Hitler and the Nazi party to utilize the full capacity of political support and consensus they were able to achieve in German society.

The panel first introduces this leitmotif of Nazi Policy that was not only based on the positive frame of “community” or “inclusion” but was also connected indissolubly  to the exclusion of the so called „Volksschädlinge“ and „Gemeinschaftsfremden“. A set of research examples then elaborate on how difference was constructed, executed and experienced under Hitler’s rule.


Apl. Prof. Dr. Detlef Schmiechen-Ackermann (LUH)

Racism as a category of difference. The Making of  the “Volksgemeinschaft” in Nazi Germany

Prof. Dr. Karl Christian Lammers (Universität Kopenhagen)

The Nazi Era: "Führerstaat", "Volksgemeinschaft" and "Rassenkrieg"

Dr. Lu Seegers

Celebrating the “Volksgemeinschaft” in Local Space: Inclusion and Exclusion

 Henry Wahlig (LUH)

The Exclusion of Jewish Members in German Sports Associations and its Different Mechanisms

Merit Knees-Steffel (LUH)

The Latter-day Saints in Germany and the Ideology of National Socialism -Convergence and Contradiction


Kerstin Thieler, M.A. (LUH)